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Este sampler no es mas que otra forma de compartir bandas que tienen sonidos y mensajes interesantes. Gracias a todas las bandas que aceptaron y se unieron, y a las que no aceptaron, también. Descarguen, compartan y apoyen a las bandas.

This sampler its just another way to share bands with interesting sounds and messages. Thanks to the bands that accepted and wanted to be part, and also to those who said no. Download, share and support bands.


released February 10, 2014

Artwork by Charilaos Emmanouil Papakostas.
You can see more of his works here: www.behance.net/CEPapakostas.



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Track Name: Taste The Void - Monolith
I'm stucked in this unbreakable cycle
trying to find the way I've left
just like you've said I'm insane
into the maze of myself
just like you said I'm forever cursed, and I'm blamed myself
just like you've said I've break a part of myself
and I breathe only to stay away from the other side
out of the maze of myself

stay with me, with grace
to breath one last breath
Track Name: Hexis - Tenebris
A rope around my heart, emptiness in your eyes, emptiness in your glance. Lonely and abandoned. Lonely, but never alone. Always followed by a whisper, always followed by darkness. I want to get away from this world. But the only escape is death.
Track Name: This Gift Is a Curse - The Swarn
“Lets burn the corpse of old time…”
This endless parade of processions.
Trapping us in with its unwitting shackles - trapping us in - holding us down.
Keep us detached your womb, holding us still in fucking lines.
I am a pawn, I am a slave, dragging their Cross through a widening moat.
We are at their gates
Lets burn down the hive
Burn down the hive
Burn it down
We’ll climb the bell tower to tear “God” from his throne
Into the shadows, down in the gutters
/ Out from the temples / out with the old guard
Fear / Fear the silence of growing outsides
We’ll be your Darkness, going the “wrong way”
dragging your heads through torn up streets
We are at their gates
Lets burn down the hive
Burn down the hive
Burn it down
Burn it down
Fill your heart with hell
Fill your mind with hell
Fill your lungs with hell
To fill their world with Our hell…
We´ll burn it down
Cause it’s no way back.